Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Your Pity Is No Longer Required

I have been trying to describe to myself and others what this blog is about but having just discovered an article by Jonathan Klan on your pity is no longer required, somehow took the words out of my mouth. He could not have said it more brilliantly. Too often the stories coming out of Africa are negative but through the blog i aim to show that there is much more to the beautiful continent than is shown on western media.

"By sharing stories of social entrepreneurs, social businesses or enterprises, or simply young entrepreneurs in the developing world who blazing their own paths out of poverty, i am hoping to shift away from the common mistake of simply documenting 'poverty', towards documenting 'potential'. That in my opinion, will have a much greater impact on the global narrative and western perspectives of these emerging economies".

The article captures the importance of seeing hope and the vast potential that is in Africa as opposed to focusing on the tired old stereotypes. He tells the story of what is happening in Lagos, Nairobi, Freetown and various other cities. From hardworking students to ambitious entrepreneurs to aspiring leaders, ordinary Africans are working hard to create a great future for the continent.

"So let's end this pity party and start focusing on the real problems, real solutions, and real narratives of the countries. It will be a welcomed change, i promise".