Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Africa 2011 - The Year In Fashion

The growing rise of African influence in fashion was most notable in the Made In Africa collection that was showcased in New York fashion week this autumn by Arise Magazine. From the Ankara of west Africa, to the Kente in Ghana and the Leso in East Africa we have strutted our stuff to all corners of the world. All in all 2011 has been a great year for fashion and below are some of my favourite highlights.

The Designers

The Bloggers

The Stories

Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood are some of the designers who chose to get their inspiration from Mama Africa.

The growing trend of 'the fashion market' in Africa includes Le Petit Marche in Lagos Nigeria, the Nairobi Fashion market and the recent addition Soko Stingo in Accra Ghana.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Africa Book Club - Dr Ayittey

I haven't done much reading in terms of African Literature, but that being one of my new year's resolutions, "Africa Book Club 2011 books of the year" seems to be a great place to start. Listed are some of the best books to come out of the continent this year.

That said, i have been reading Africa unchained by Dr Ayittey, a wonderful and phenomenal great read which i have found myself unable to put down. Dr Ayittey is a Ghanaian economist who has very strong views on Africa's problem and solutions which he is not afraid to share. His address to the cheetah generation partly in the book and on his TED interview here is inspiring and beautiful.
He recently did an interview on what Africa requires to develop and his emphasis on Africans taking charge of their futures can be seen through this blog to be happening more and more through all the cheetahs.

In addition, the Arab spring which we have been witnessing over the last year, Dr Ayittey has also released a new book on Defeating Dictators which looks like another must read. The book addresses his belief that Africa's biggest problems come from the bad leadership that can be seen all over the continent. Africa Book Club features a review of his book and other new releases from the continent to get you started on discovering more African writers.