Thursday, 8 September 2011

Prof Julia Ojiambo

There are many remarkable women in Africa, young and old and i hope to be featuring them regularly on the blog. My first lady is known as Proffesor Julia Ojiambo.
There are many reasons why this lady is remarkable especially as a woman who pursued her academics when it was frowned upon for girls to attend school. Breaking many barriers, she has gone on to achieve several firsts in her life and still today continues to fight for women's rights.

Julia Ojiambo from Luke Younge on Vimeo.

  • Studied Public health at Harvard University
  • First female lecturer at Nairobi University in the 1970s
  • First female MP from western province in Kenya
  • First female Assistant Minister for Housing and Social Services

In her own words Prof Julia Ojiambo higlights what it has been like and you can read the rest of the insightful article here

"the struggle is interesting and much as it is fraught with challenges, some that have proved insurmountable, but in overall terms, it has been satisfying. I've enjoyed every moment of it. It has been worth it."